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@joshuanhibbert. Really appreciate that you commented on further from what I was asking!

Th early version of the three blocks where my articles are listed, I had that slightly wider so it did match up appropriately. I didn’t even realize it hadn’t until you just mentioned it. Thanks for bringing that to my attention as obvious as it was. Haha. I paid more attention to how it looked against my name more than anything.

I somewhat agree with the subscribe button. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit that area if I remove the background or change it to something different. I’ll have to play around with it some more. I was trying to break up the 3 columns of the articles and the two column body copy. You usually see that sort of thing in magazine articles and newspapers. However, if I end up keeping it there, it actually looks really nice if I place the arrows on each side of the button on my iPhone.

I revamped the title with a Brioche ampersand and I think it works quite well and it tightens that up a bit. I’ve received the same feedback about it on Typophile too . With Old Standard (typeface), I’ve noticed a few inconsistencies which I contacted Typekit about. Hopefully it will get resolved immediately. I believe it’s also open source so I might be able to do it myself. I’ll have to check. Anyway, I also reduced the line-height of the paragraph text so it fits more appropriately (what was I thinking?).

Fixed the arrows to line up with the titles.

I think there’s so many inconsistencies, particularly the gaps (margins, padding and line-height) because I designed everything (minus the arrows) from within the browser where I normally use Photoshop/Illustrator to help calculate everything. What a learning experience.

Thanks again, Josh.

Oh and by the way, I made all those changes and uploaded them to a live version. You can check it out here: