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3 for me too, Chris. Have you thought about having the borders match the width of the 1/3 grid column below? It feels slightly off for me as it is currently a bit longer.

Also, that subscribe button doesn’t feel right to me. As it is one of the highest contrast parts of the page, it draws your attention earlier than I feel it should. Also, the borders surrounding it seem a little too much, and finally, it feels like it should be elsewhere.

I think if you were to move it somewhere else, then the borders would look better as there wouldn’t be two in such close proximity, which would help with the balance of the page.

Perhaps placing it in the footer might work? But I would look at using a lighter background, or removing the background colour altogether.

Either way, nice work, man. This is looking really good.

P.S. How does the title look if you tighten the tracking just a little? And how does the body copy look if you reduce the leading slightly?

P.P.S. It would make me very happy if the article titles in the content slider lined up vertically with the content slider’s navigation arrows. Might be easier said than done though.