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It sounds like WP is definitely the way to go, at least for the blog — no sense having to manually update, archive, etc., when WP is set up for exactly those tasks. If you don’t want the whole site to be WP, my understanding is that you can install WP just for a specific sub-domain, ie You’d have a ‘blog’ link on your home page which would just link to that.

In terms of having a blog on your home page that updates regularly, I’m not aware of a method to import a WP blog into a non-WP page (although it’s entirely possible I’m wrong). You would probably want to just build the whole site in WP. What you’re describing’s really still the default usage for WP. You’d have complete control over updating any/all info at any time on all pages, styles would be consistent, and you’d be able to (obviously) manage content very easily.

The drawback/advantage to this would be that you might have to do some digging around in php — but the folks on this site are very helpful in terms of php and WP.

Good luck!