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Just to very quickly weigh in:

I have never taken a course related to the industry. Everything is self taught and I have no diplomas or accreditation relating to my current job as a web developer.

I was hired based on my skills (portfolio) and experience, as well as some solid social skills for a good interview.

Not to mention the fact that I keep on hearing about people coming out of school having learned something wrong (quite a few questions come up on these forums due to that) or something dated.

Having said that, some people need a school-like structure to be able to learn. Personally, a school setting hinders my ability to retain information, I’m just not into it. So it really comes down to personal preference on how you want to learn. Once you have the knowledge, you can start building a solid portfolio, and eventually land a good job (or some decent freelance work).

School does not guarantee a job, in ANY field.