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I will try to get around to the contract part later today.

Getting work is not an easy task. While cold-emailing is one method, you’re really going to need to get your hands dirty and get out there and start talking to people.

Hell, you can even start by working for friends and family – or at least telling every friend and family member that you are available for work. Even if they don’t need something, chances are they know somebody that does. You just want to get your name out there. I’d say 95% of my work comes from people saying “______ referred me to you”.

Charging is a tough one, because it all depends on where in the world you’re located. Every project that I do works like this:

(Hours to complete work [research, design, development, etc.] + hours in communication with client) x hourly rate = Project Cost

But somebody living in… Vancouver is going to need to charge more than somebody in India, simply due to cost of living.