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It’s a nice site. The colors and theme match the subject.

I don’t know why you have two layer backgrounds and the glow around the top layer. It doesn’t seem to have a purpose. I would use a single background and place all the content on that. Then extend the header and footer to the edges. I have a 22in widescreen monitor and I think it would look better this way.

The header photo is a bit dark even if it is nighttime.

Maybe add a bit more ‘texture’ to the background to make it more suitable for the rustic theme.

Add a drop shadow to the pics or place it over a custom shadow to lift it off the page. Make it look more ‘rustic’.

All your lines and margins are aligned perfectly. This is great on most sites but for this theme I think they should be a more ‘casual’.

Increase the font size a bit (maybe).