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"cssgirl" wrote:
I got it!

You’re right-col div is causing the problem. Take a look a the screenshot below that I grabbed when using the Aardvark FF extension. You will see the right-col is pushing your footer down.


You’re CSS has a height set for that div:

padding:32px 0 0 0px;
height: 491px;
float: right;
background: url(images/rightcol_bg.jpg) repeat-x;


You have a padding top of 32. You failed to subtract the additional padding you added from the height of the div.

Using the web developer toolbar and editing the CSS on the fly taking the height to 459px fixes the issue :)

I’d reccomend though you remove the height for that div. What if you left content extends farther down than the height of the sidebar? Same issue will occur and vice versa. It’s best to leave the height blank (ie: then it will be sent to "auto", and add a background-color that matches the end of your gradient.

Also, this is just a side note, but design wise you have a lot of gloss and shine and icony (a very oldschool web 2.0 looks) that doesn’t quite fit with the header image, which is kinda soft and gives a serene feeling, while the rest of the layout gives more of a feeling of flash, and excitement?

That make sense?

Thanks for the help that fixed the problem. And thanks for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated but I did not do the design work, I am just building the HTML and CSS.