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@chrisburton : i think that slipped in when I was trying to “fix” things, but even when it’s corrected now, no dice.

@andy_unleash : I haven’t done anything in .htaccess — but then again, I never had to before. This is the first time I ever had problems with font-family on my site, ever. All other sites running never had any issues.

BUT! That led me to try something. It seems that it’s all working fine when I go to directly; looking at the site on that location, it’s all working now. So it’s clear that there is a problem with the “connection” between and

(Reason is that my site is located in the folder “newww” but that I don’t want people to have to enter that folder name in the URL)

So there’s definitely something wrong with that forwarding thing, when WordPress is not in the root of the site but I set it to have the HOME url in the root and not the main WordPress location and bla bla bla…..confusing to say the least. I think I’m just going to move everything to the root again, less confusing and such.

So anyways, it’s working for now, even though there’s other things that’s not that great. Menu is not sticky in IE9 for example but I can’t be all too bothered to look into that right now.

Thanks guys for helping me :)