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“Sure it would make more sense to just have a single CSS file and add all the fonts at the top but he hasn’t”
Sure it has more sense and I did it! but when I saw that it did not load on mobile I swiched to the @import way.
Now I put all the fonts in one folder called webfonts as you suggested and I switched to the @font-face declaration in the main stylesheet. but the problem is not solved on mobile.


I checked the license before to use and the fonts are ok to embedding, I wanted to credit them when I’ll public the site. I did not know nothig about Tipekit.. so thanks! =) It will be helpful for the future but now I’m using 3 fonts and the free trial allows to use only 2 font, so it would not solve the problem. =) And thaks for the MIME article it’s really good, I’m looking at it to solve the problem.