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I had a quick look and I suspect it may be a few things.

You have a property and value of:

font-family: Calliehand, "MV Boli", Arial, San Serif;

within the CSS. That should look something more like this:

font-family: "Calliehand", "MV Boli", sans-serif;

However the testpage.html font loads up correctly for me in Firefox but it doesn’t on the page.

  • I would suggest validating the HTML to make sure that’s not a problem.
  • I would then double check the CSS to make sure there isn’t any little mistakes like the one I mentioned before
  • If there is still a problem, I would create a new .html file, add the @font-face and try to apply the font
  • Lastly if that’s still not working, I would imagine it’s the font’s fault. Try a font squirrel or Google font. That should work – and once that does you’d have confirmation that the .ttf is the problem – (but it does work for me on the testpage.html)