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First of all, please take this criticism constructively. OK, in FF everything looks fine for me. However, in Chrome this site is riddled with ads (is this post spam or are you really wanting help with this site?). The fonts render fine in both browsers.
Your CSS is in in the head of the document and not a separate file. The browser will have to load this each time the the user navigates to a new page, unnecessarily adding bulk to the layout. (linked css files are cached by the browser and do not have to download each time.)
The #HeaderImg div is not in the “header” div. This isn’t a problem.. it just bothers me.. I feel like if it is in the “header” of the document visually, you should try to put it in the “header” section(div/header,whatever).

The site looks good.. but smells funny. What is the point? Ad farm?

Seeing as the page does not exhibit the errors you posted about, you either fixed it, or your install of FF is broken. OR you are just farming.