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I use e text editor on windows and was confronting the same issue. I used to use CSS Edit at a former job and really loved it having the collapsable groups in my css. Thanks so much for this. I was able to modify your above lines a bit and make this work for windows as well.

To make it work on windows go to the bundles editor under bundles->Edit Bundles->Show Bundles Editor

Then expand the css section and the language file is marked with an “L” icon all the way at the bottom.

A search for folding will find the affected lines above. The expression has to be changed. I compared the existing to the one above and did this

For the Start Marker line 289

"foldingStartMarker" : "/\*\*(?!\*)|\{\s*($|/\*(?!.*?\*/.*\S))|\/\*\s*@group\s*.*\s*\*\/", 

For the End Marker line 287

"foldingStopMarker" : "(?

Hope this is helpful for the windows users.