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The Admiral

Thanks for the input, Ashton.

I actually did try what you described already. It resulted in white space not below the ad image, but to the right of it, as the divs that are floated left were too wide to stay beside the ad and ended up below it. This page is going to be updated regularly through a CMS, so I’d like to give all the blurb divs the same class ( "content-box-latest-new-ad1-listing" as opposed to some of them having the "-right" tacked on the end). The main thing for me, though, is to keep each individual blurb div intact as they all flow around the ad image, and to avoid any white space. Take a look at this screenshot (sorry I don’t have this up live yet). [attachment=0]brokenDiv.png[/attachment] This scenario, where the last div in the flow gets broken up is what I’d like to not have to worry about.

BTW, I know exactly what you mean about the epic length of the class names, but I inherited this html from someone else and I’m not allowed to change it too much as it’s already been incorporated into a .net framework. :roll:

Any further input on this issue is much appreciated!