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I like the logo and the monkey! Overall it’ s a nice site, however…

I wasn’t expecting the Services tab to take me to an "order form" of sorts. I was rather expecting this page to sell your various services to me. Highlight the packages you provide and show me the addon options.
[*]What am I getting for a ‘basic party’ package?
[*]Show me an example invitation
[*]What are the contents of the goodie bag
[*]A photo of your princess party would be nice
Then get me to fill out an order form with an appropriate call to action such as "Book your party now!"

Then when I click on the Reservations tab I get a seperate form to fill in. I find this (as a potential customer) confusing. Do I need to fill out 2 forms on 2 seperate pages to book a party? I think this process should be streamlined into a sort of ‘wizard’. Choose package -> Enter event info -> Finished

Just my 2c…