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@Watson90 It’s just a personal preference, other peoples websites are not the place to advertise MY work…it’s their arena to market themselves.

Granted, if they are happy for it to be featured quite so prominently then that’s OK but it’s not something I expect on…ahem..a professional site.

If I go to the Ford website, do I know/care who designed it..or even that it’s powered by WP / Drupal / Joomla or whatever?

Nope, I just want the information / experience I am after as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How many times have you walked past an impressive building in a major city and wondered ‘Who designed that?’ and even if you did, was it plastered all over the front of the building?

>Is the answer to just try and promote your own website and it to the portfolio section maybe?

Actually, that is the way I would do it.

As always. my 2c…opinions vary.