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Not a bad effort by any means but just a few things should be addressed;

The script font looks _okay_ I suppose, but when it gets used across the **whole** website, it becomes a bit too much for me personally. Especially when the font-size is lower than the headings, it becomes hard to read. Maybe try and opt for a script font that isn’t so ‘scripty’ and a bit more easier to read. And then maybe use a web-safe font, I think something like Georgia would fit the scheme of the website.

As @Paulie_D said above, the curly brackets aren’t doing it for me either, would be better with just arrow graphics or something similar.

And also, something in the footer needs looking at further as it seems to move around in an odd way when you hover over each link, could be a padding vs height of the footer issue.

To @Paulie_D – is the humans.txt file there for a message to other developers? How would you get your name out there for your company if it’s not somewhere on the website itself? Is the answer to just try and promote your own website and it to the portfolio section maybe?