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@_john_ , from what you’ve written I have to say I am in exactly the same position as you, I’ve told myself I’m not going to get myself out there until I’m fully confident and made a few test sites that I’m absolutely happy with, yet I’m seeing people over the web asking questions that I already know the answers to, as well as recognizing bad coding. So I thank you for asking this question and getting the discussion flowing!

As for everyone else, thankyou for replying to john! It’s always nice to know there’s friendly people out there looking out for you.

What I’d really appreciate knowing is, how do I go about taking on a first client with ‘no experience’ ? (aside from personal) I’d love to have a well written personal site up and running by then with some ‘mock’ websites on, but how would you recommend handling the question? (what past work have you done?)

Also would anyone recommend starting off part-time freelance or trying to join a design firm as a junior/intern?

– Paul

P.S. @_john_ don’t forget to let us know how you get on!