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Hi, AshtonSanders.

Thanks for you help. In fact there were errors, but some of them I couldn’t track, but most of them are eliminated, thanks.
But my problem is still there. after a few hours and some burning eyes :lol: , I tracked the click problem, but I don’t now how to solve it.

All the pages are being feed by PHP and in the beginning of the body I’m calling a bg.html page with this code:


The CSS applied is this:

.bg { position: absolute; top: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; }
#bg1 { background: url(“../imgs/bg/bg1.png”) repeat 90% 60%; }
#bg2 { background: url(“../imgs/bg/bg2.png”) repeat 110% 85%; }

If I disable the ,bg class, I regain the click ability, but I lost the bg Efect (resize browser and you will see that the 2 images move in two different speeds.).
What shell I do to be able to kept the two things.

Thanks again.