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"milehighdesigner" wrote:
Doc… Have you configured DW somehow to not be so slow when interacting with FTP? This is my biggest problem with it. Not only that, you don’t have complete freedom with the FTP. Sure, you can work remotely on the FTP setup, but if u want sync power and FTP, you are pretty much forced to work always with your local files, then upload it. I don’t know, just really messes up my workflow and I feel like it takes me forever to do things. Not only that, but I’ve worked on a few things where someone else has edited the remote file… And what do I do? Edit *my* local file, then upload it.. Opps, now all their work is gone. I know thats a specific scenario, but still, something about DW just erks me.

I only work locally. I would never work on a client’s live website.

Sometimes the FTP can be weird, but not enough for me to consider using a different program. If I know somebody else is editing a site (which I only have in one situation), I just make sure to download files from the server before working on them.