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"Stack" wrote:
That cant be done with javascript. You would need a PHP or ASP script written to upload the files.

I should point out that uploading a file from start to finish cannot be achieved completely with JavaScript; in fact, to get the nice feel that some other major sites use, you will most likely be using JavaScript (to send upload requests in the background). I actually recommend you take a look at SWFUpload; I’ve worked pretty extensively with this product and it is used by some of the biggies (like YouTube) and I’m sure it’s more than flexible/powerful to meet your needs. SWFUpload uses Flash, as do many of the plug-and-play multi-file uploaders; since it is impossible (to the best of my knowledge) to allow a standard input->file element to select multiple files at once, multi-file uploaders must rely on an external plugin such as Flash or Java.

Stack is correct, however, that you will need some kind of server side processing to handle the uploaded file. The SWFUpload documentation has more than enough server-side examples in various languages so I’m sure you can find something to get you started.

Good Luck.