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I just wanna pass some tweaks that could be made.

On the index don’t let the slider change the height of the container based on the height of the slide, because if you are at the bottom of the page the next/prev button change position to above or below the mouse cursor.

With smaller resolutions the slide control overlaps the container border as in this screenshot ->

Yet on the index and with smaller resolutions the ‘logo’ (name and image at the header) get some strange spacing as in this screenshot ->

In any page that not home when clicking on the image on the header I do believe that you wanna get to the home, but this wont happen, just adds a # on the address (I Know that is the href for the link) but just need apply the same behavior of the home button.

On the skill page be a Hover state on the skills and professional experience.

On the contact you could use the hCard or the vCard format for the contact info, so people can use programs that manages contacts.

In the contact form, the error could be render above the fields that have errors, for instance, if the email are wrong the error message be above the email field. To go even further you may use javascript to place focus on the first field that has an error.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the project, some of the stuff that I pointed are my suggestions and are easy to do, but won’t break the site if isn’t done.