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I agree with cybershot, the cut off tails of the dinos is really bothersome.

I like the basic layout, the colors match very well, and I really enjoy the typography you chose for the headers with the dinosaurs names under the little tagline type things.

Only other thing is I think your drop shadows are much too dark and too pronounced. Also, they don’t match. For exampel on the menu you have a drop down that faces straight down. On the sidebar boxes they shadow to the left & bottom, and in the header they are behind the dinosaurs. I think it makes it feel a tad disjointed since it makes it seem like the lighting is different all over the page.

Looking over it once more I think if you gave your sidebars a matching bottom drop shadow (like the menu) and left in that nice blue-white-blue gradient as the sidebar backgrounds it would looks 100% more polished.

But, forgetting all that, it still is a very good design (save for the dino tails ;P)