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Andy Howells

@scottnix – Thanks dude.

Regarding not using Emmet for SCSS – Simply, my brain doesn’t have enough room in it to memorise those shortcuts! To be honest the HTML stuff in emmet is great for me, since it’s ul>li*3 (so a ul with 3 li’s in it) so it’s expressive, but because the CSS stuff is just shortcut’s I would spend so much time trying to remember it would be quicker just to type them out!

Re: border-box, I usually do stick it straight onto the *, for the video though I wanted to ease people into it with a straight forward example, I’ll likely be doing that in the next video.

On the clearfix, I choose to add it as a class for two reasons, one of which is habit, the other is because I can quickly see in my HTML code that I’ve setup clearing already.

I can appreciate the CMS point though, so it’s definitely worth considering, but most of the customer projects Unleash does we use Perch as our CMS, so they just get multiple regions they can type into where all the HTML is behind the scenes.

I’m quite a control freak with my code as well, it took some convincing to use Compass at all at the beginning, I was crafting my own mixins to be 100% in charge!