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Ok, I’ll give it a shot. For the record, I use IE 10 running on Windows 8.

Issues I’ve come across:

– The alternation between paragraphs and horizontal blocks of images is quite arrhythmic. It sacrifices any sense of vertical flow and achieves nothing but fuzziness along the way. What are you trying to convey?

– Font. This a poor choice. You went with sans serif but there’s a slight cursive touch that I find mindboggling. It’s distracting and does not befit the feel I imagine you’d be striving for . To compound the problem, you went with huge white drop caps on every sentence. Why? What are you trying to achieve?

– Colour scheme. I quite like the monochromatic background. I just don’t get why then would you opt for that huge blue suppository at the bottom. The flimsy coloured tags are a misfit as well. It’s a nice idea to have coloured tags contrast against a monochromatic background, but I think you need to do it in a more striking way, otherwise it’s just going to look too precious and decorative.

Well, my honest two cents, anyway.

Keep at it!