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@ Luminated

Thanks a lot ! I agree with you for the top-nav as far as the clipping goes, so I made the necessary changes so the icons come out of the white bar rather then just ‘no where’ which I think helps it a lot. I did make some adjustments on the paint drips and will look at them on and off over the next couple days to decide if I wanna keep them or not .. The reason they are there, is for those who know me its definitely my ‘style’ I guess you could say .. but I dunno ! haha

Thanks for your input !

@ AshtonSaunders

Good call ! I think I will change the footer facebook icon to blue – the top one is red to tie in the colours from the logo. And like I said above, good call on the nav – it looks way better your way

Thanks !!


I’m glad you like it man ! I like the pre-loader too – it was simple to implement and helps tie the site together, as well as the obvious benefit of not having the viewer wait for some of the larger image elements to load. What do you mean with the hidden overflow? What I did was give them a z-index with a relative position – and that seemed to fix the problems I was having with it.
And yea I DO wanna animate the rollovers – I guess I just haven’t gotten around to it yet :P

Cheers !


this site is really messing up in IE which is typical… but I still don’t know WHY? I thought my code was pretty solid on this so I don’t know…

If you think you can help, here is my style sheet:

You guys are awesome, thanks for the ideas !