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I think your design skills are fabulous. Very polished. I do have some things that hit me right off the bat though, from an aesthetic perspective:

The navbar is cool, but it feels like it’s animated just for the sake of being animated. The icons kind of come from "nowhere" from that yellow band and it just feels like a bad clipping effect. The very top and bottom nav makes a lot more sense because of the shadow ‘slit’ that the icons come from and return to. Perhaps if you could implement a similar effect on the main nav as well? What if they popped up rather than rolled? Or, perhaps the menu could animate and slide horizontally rather than vertically?

The only other thing is the paint drips. They don’t seem to fit contextually within the site and for me they really ruin the clean lined, polished feel the site has. They are well done and abstract, but they also just feel like they are there for the sake of being there.