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Thanks a lot for the little review, the critics and the advices! Very helpfull. I will reduce the number of divs and fix the clear div as soon as I have a minute free. It’s weird because I’ve never inserted   in any clear div. I hard code everything for the time being, not using any CMS. I will convert this design to a wordpress theme soon though.
Also I’m glad you liked the nav menu :D I’ve put some energy into it. The little diamond shaped one with the flames is used to seperate the nav into two: on the left the icon that have their label on the right and on the right the icons that have their label on the left. The little diamond itself is a reference to two things: 1- the movie hackers, hence the name of the list item/icon : Crash and Burn, and 2- It’s the logo of Massive Attack, which is the best trip hop band that exists imho.
Finally, the <br /> tags. They’re generated with php. Basically I created a small php script to simulate a blog system, and this script converts the returns (when I press enter in a text area) into <br /> tags. This problem won’t really be a problem since I’m going to use WordPress for the blog, so no more <br /> tags.

I will try to improve my code asap and then I’m going to convert that into a wordpress theme so that I can use it in my whole site :D
Anyway, thanks a lot for the review, I really appreciate it.

Aziz Light