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thanks css girl. When you saw the site the sidebar was not styled yet, I was hesitating a little bit but I updated it now and I think it looks pretty good (according to my standards; it looks … not so good compared to most of the site that are submited in the forums, I think).
I also thought about the navigation. It’s kind of hard to implement something that will look good and will not ressemble all the other blogs out there. For this reason I decided I am not going to use tabs unless it’s my only option. I thought of something cool, I’m trying to create it now, we’ll see if it looks cool or not in the end. I created a little schema to explain how it will work. I started coding it but I’m getting weird results. If you have any suggestions on how to do this please don’t hesitate. Also if you don’t understand my handwritting, tell me and I’ll type it on the my computer (and I’ll create a small wirefram to show better how it works).
Once again if you have any suggestions, critics, insults..anything regarding my site please don’t hesitate.

Aziz Light