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Rob MacKay

ooww typography site :)

Ok so what I tweaked was…

#header ul {

h2 {
line-height:1.3em; /* was a little too squished for a headline in my opinion */
text-indent:-24px /* keeps the quotes outside, makes the text line up – kinda makes a feature of the quotation mark */
letter-spacing:-1px; /* I just though it was a little too squished together */

#main-content p {
line-height:1.3em; /* give a good bit of space for easy reading, especially in a block of text */
font-size:1em; /* bold looking body text, because of its size, especially Serifs, doesn’t look too good to me */

But other than that its cool :) Like the idea and the structure is held together nicely :) I think the only thing I worried about was body text visibility… but meh – you might not agree with my changes anyway :D