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Thank you Dr3! I’ll tinker with that. For some reason my slider-wrap, although set at 419px (or 500, depending on how far I’m deviating from the demo at the moment), seems to think it’s 1563pxs wide . . . though that’s only in dreamweaver, it displays within the 500px in browser. Being css green the distortions in Dreamweaver scare me, though I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to worry about them.

CMS definitely. Hopefully a custom PHP solution will come around soon, but the $$ quotes were not doable if they had to redo the entire framework and design also. The current site is table/spacer LADEN. I’m doing my best to recreate in divs, I’m at about hour 100 and you can see how far I’ve gotten :) My own fault for ignoring css layout all these years, but I’m a horse trainer by trade! :)

…. Chris, if you come around here . . . I’m in Chicago (think you are too?) and might contact you about the php solution if that’s something you do?