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"TheDoc" wrote:
I use Dreamweaver at work (PC) and at home (Mac).

I know people whine about the price tag, but you’re certainly not buying it alone, you’re getting it as a part of a creative suite (most designers and developers are going to need access to Photoshop and Illustrator at least).

I like its FTP function (despite some extremely minor complaints about it lagging occasionally). I enjoy the auto closing tags (which you can also find in the majority of other editors). All in all, most of us are using a CS of some sort, why not use the program that comes with it?

I have Dreamweaver CS4. I like it but I don’t like that it is a resource hog. I would rather save my memory for Photoshop and Illustrator. Other then that I do use it when I forget certain CSS and HTML tag.

When I use other text editors, I like how I am forced to hand-code. This helps me learn and remember HTML and CSS.