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I like! Really nice design overall.

Criticisms: I like the slab serifs, but the fonts are not consistent enough. You have the telephone number featured prominently in two different fonts, which stands out.

The main menu is a bit bland. The lower corners have a barely noticeable darkening that doesn’t match the background color, just enough to tell that it’s a jpeg and not a png. Those corners should be the same color as the background, unless you’re shooting for a drop shadow? Additionally, the text on the menu just seems a bit . . . bland. CSS sprites and image replacement might be a way to go, if the menu items are not expected to be changed often. I almost expect to see an inset effect when I hover, and it surprises me to just see the text change color.

The "Schedule An Appointment" button in the left column is a bit busy, with a bit too little whitespace around the text, as the text extends past a comfortable area within the gradient of the button. If that makes any sense. Just a small detail, I guess.

Something about the straight separation by color between the columns bothers me. Not sure what I would do there, but it lacks the depth of the rest of the site.

That all came out a great deal more harsh than I intended. I hope you can understand that I don’t intend to be harsh, and I really do quite like it; this is just what I see that could use improvement, and is only my opinion!

The site is very quick to load on my sloth-like 28.8kbps dial-up connection, especially subsequent pages after the main page, though the sIFR took a refresh or three to catch up in FF 3.5 at first. Great job on image compression and page load time optimization.