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"Malice" wrote:
That only fixes the issue if your viewing it within Firebug.
Since the LatestNews section has an absolute position it will move with your firebug screen, so you would have to view it full screen to see the impact.

Still fiddling…

well after stealing your code and testing it, in another browser it worked, looking at it in another resolution it did not.

I seen yesterday that you never wrapped your content parts in seperate divs this could help with the issue.

and as rob says, your positioning is off for the areas.

This is how I would do it:
body, wrapper, header (and all things header within), main, sidebar (all things sidebar), maincontent (all things main content), clear floats, footer (all things footer)
Positioning all of them relative to their outer divs.

but as I said it’s just how I would do it