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"chriscoyier" wrote:
One of the problems with elastic em based sites is that they can grow extremely wide very quickly, which causes users to do a lot of horizontal scrolling which can be nasty.

Not just nasty, but not readable at all. I’ve already put it up for my personal site upgrade. Both max/min-width so it’ll have a more natural flow, and be readable for users with high resolutions (1600+). A rule of thumb is to have min-width to 780px (which means you’re covering all down to 800×600 resolutions).

About the EdMin 2.0-page: It’s very good. You’re getting the content up high in the markup, which is nice both for search engines and for screen-readers/text-browsers. It’s also good that you’ve used em-sizing on fonts, making it easy to resize. Smallish note: I thought you could click on "Menu"-text, since it was underlined.