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That was quite the intro! I think we need to start an introductions thread… *noted!

On to the topic at hand: Drupal.

Drupal, drupal, drupal. Definitely not something you really want to be jumping into without a lot of time to learn the system. It is complex, to say the least. While Drupal may be something that you should consider if you were an experienced programmer who already knew the ins and outs of most CMS’s, I would say it’s a tough starting point for a beginner.

I’m not one to always say, "Just use WordPress", but for a lot of people, it’s a great place to start. With its very simple to understand backend, it’s far easier to grasp exactly what’s going on. There is documentation galore (though, sometimes hard to find), and you can get lots of help in a vast amount of forums (including this one!).

"But WordPress isn’t a CMS, it’s just a blogging platform", I hear you say! Well, while that was probably true at one point, it is so much more now. You can actually see exactly how an online store can work in WordPress in one of Chris’ screencasts on Custom Fields:

More than any other single feature, what makes WordPress a CMS (as opposed to just a blogging platform) is custom fields. Custom fields are chunks of data that travel along with posts and pages in key/value pairs. This data can be pulled out and used in your templates as you choose, allowing for all kinds of smart and interesting things to be done. … wordpress/

It’s going to be a learning curve regardless of which direction you take. But if it’s your first trek, why not take the easier route?