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@Paulie_D that is an interesting idea about having the file be automatically renamed in the WordPress backend and overwrite the previous file.

With that being said, the whole idea of using the CMS is that you write the php that outputs the html. The client sees a nice pretty “upload your image here” in the WordPress admin panel (via custom fields or featured image). The client enters their image, WordPress crops and resizes and it magically appears in the outputted HTML on the page because you told it to output in that way (and you’re a magician). I’m sure you already know that though.

In my particular case, which I believe will arise again in the future, the image is a jpg image of a landscape that is full width and covers most of the top of the page, with other elements- such as h elements or divs or buttons displayed over top of it (pretty popular these days in web design). I particularly see these types of images in full width image sliders (which also cover the background of the top of the page) and also seem to be very popular. Example:

My question still stands though, if other people do end up reading this, what methods do you use to dynamically call these types of images.