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Thanks @aarongmore that is a really interesting solution that I had never heard about. I’m going to look into making that an easily editable input through the CMS for the client and incorporating it into the site.

But, have I gone mad @djdaniel150. I’ve only been doing this professionally for almost a year, but I DON’T know any web company that only makes clients static websites anymore (unless they are never meant to be edited). I’m sure making things “dynamic” on a site requires a bit more of loading time, but how will the client ever be able to control content without a CMS. I have plenty of friends that also work in the industry (with different companies) that also always present CMS driven sites (whether it be WordPress, Expression Engine, Drupal, or there own custom CMS). Honestly I don’t think anyone would have hired me if I didn’t know how to develop well with one of these systems. I know there are tools like Jekyll that will help you create a static blog, but according to Chris and Dave on Shop Talk Show, it may be too difficult for your typical client to learn.

But back to the topic. I’m interested in figuring out more solutions. Here’s a [site]( “”) that used the dynamic inline CSS technique.