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Oh boy, lol. I’m not sure to be perfectly honest with you. I do have word press blogs, but I’ve been coding my own sites for so long that I never had a reason to script anything other than social networking apps, etc.

Honestly, I wouldn’t load anything dynamically, because scripts hinder the ability of search engines to index content. This is why I quit using javascript almost altogether back 4 years ago. Scripting also kills your pages by making them slow to process. While wordpress might seem easy to use, it also produces tons of unnecessary and unreadable code half the time. Anything “dynamic” on the web is bad news! This goes for dynamic URL’s as well. Google still states to this day that we should be building “static” pages, and this is for good reasons. Its OK to script in your pages, but your pages and overall sites structure should never be enclosed in scripts! Scripts should placed in HTML, not HTML in scripts. PHP, JSP, javascript, etc, these are all proprietary technologies, not standards. Definitely consider this. Yeah, it turns out that “dynamic”, isn’t really all that dynamic at all. Yeah, you defnitely shouldn’t be trying to script, but instead following the standards and sticking with HTML and CSS.

Yeah, I would stick with the “background-size: cover” or “contain” and let the browser handle scaling of the images. It really does work well.