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I’ve had my mac for about 2 years now and I don’t think I’ll be buying a Windows machine in the future (unless something crazy happens…). You have to weigh up your options.

One thing to think about is: Almost every designer has a mac, if you go to meet with a client and pull out a Windows machine they might not think you’re all that serious about your work! They might also think you don’t value your work enough to buy something as expensive as a Mac. There is a certain image you give to clients when you have a high end computer, it shows you’re serious and want the best tools to do your job, no matter the cost :)

Other benefits are that Mac’s actually work, all the time. I’ve never had an issue in almost 2 years. They look amazeballs, they’re fast, long battery life (if you’re after a laptop) don’t need to worry too much about viruses, if you do have an issue, you can speak to a ‘genius’ whenever you want.

The only real downside is the cost (to me anyway). But for me, I don’t mind saving up and spending big on something that’s going to outlast the equivalent laptop (by this I mean not get crazily slow after a year and need replacing…)

Hope this helps!