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I like the design. The font you are using for "I’m CHiRAG and I’m FREELANCE WEB & GRAPHIC Designer" seems simple enought that you should be able to make it actual text instead of an image. This would play more nicely with search engines so people looking for a web designer could find you.

Another thing is that I would change:



"I’m CHiRAG and I’m a FREELANCE WEB & GRAPHIC Designer"

Notice the a after the second I’m.

Also, Change:

I’m a graphic & web designer, Just few keywords to say who i am and what i do every day. Here you will find informations about me and, below, you will see some works I have done so far, divided in print and web, go to my PORTFOLIO.

Make it something like:

Thank you for visiting my site. I’m an experienced graphic artist and web designer. Here you will find examples of my work which I have divided into Print and Web categories, visit my PORTFOLIO.

-It does not seem like you have any Print in your portfolio yet.

Finally, my last thought is that there is no link to the Hobby section of your page.