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At the moment It’m still a student, but i’ve done some small jobs for people i know, however i didn’t use photoshop mock-ups. Instead i sat down and spoke with the client, found out his/her ideas and explained what i could do for them, if their happy with what i have to offer and can provide what their looking for i then send them away to gather the content for their site (if they don’t already have), then built the site using the content but with no-styling, i then meet with the client again, showed him/her the progress so far, we then discuss styling and layout. Using the clients requirements i went and styled the site.
After i finished that i then meet the client again , i get his/her thoughts on the prototype of the site, then make any changes which they require.

So after everything is finished i just send everything to the client along with some documentation (Asset register , etc)
and wait to receive feedback for the client.

Sometimes a client may have sketches or doodles in order to express their layout ideas a bit better.

Thats my process and i’ve found it successful, however if you client live in another city/country
then email / video calling , etc would replace the face to face meeting.