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I’m with @chrisburton, but, if you’ve done work in the past a didn’t mention using your client’s work as examples, you might contact them about it first – just as a courtesy. Unless you’ve actually agreed *not* to display the work (or have surrendered “all rights” to it -which you shouldn’t do), then I would simply suggest offering to remove any branding or identifying content.

I’ve been through this with clients before (thankfully, during the negotiation phase!). A client didn’t want me to include my copyright notice (in *the HTML metadata…!*) or show the work, anywhere, ever. It took awhile, but I managed to explain that I didn’t want to “offer” her site for sale to others, but to show what I was capable of making. I also explained that it was great advertising for me, and almost doubled the price if she wanted me to agree to her terms. :)

When she asked why, I asked her, “If it’s worth that much to you, don’t you think it would be worth that much to me?” Never heard about it again. Rest of the project went smooth as butter.