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Alright Keith,

I’m not even close to being an expert so take my opinions with a pinch of salt.

Firstly I really like the theme you developed, it is different. I like the parallax image thing you have too it’s a nice touch. Overall I really like the design. The only thing that I think could look a little better is the typography used for content (e.g. the bit which says ‘Hi i’m Keith….’ . I don’t know why it is niggling at me. It could be because the text is slightly too large, or because it just seems to have been plonked there, maybe it will look better if it was sectioned off somehow, maybe a light solid colour background behind section, I’m not sure. I just think the white space around it currently makes it look like it is not sure were it is. It could be that a narrow page wrap would help but that would cock up a lot of other stuff I guess.

Anyway maybe I have given you some things to think about. But I’m no expert so I could be talking bollocks :lol: .

Cheers mate.