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>This is flying over my head, mind elaborating?

TEXT is a really big datatype (63,000-some-odd characters). In fact, it’s stored separately from the table itself, so accessing it to read a single small word would be very, very inefficient.

I’m just making an absurd example.

>After further thought, I’m on the fence leaning towards not releasing this as a “plugin”. The reason being is because I’m sure many people will be sending bug reports and unfortunately I won’t be able to help them as it’s not my area of expertise. And with school, it will pretty much be impossible to keep updating it. But I don’t mind writing an article on how I went about it along with credits to those of you who’ve helped me along the way.

Whether you release it “officially” or just make it available to “use at your own risk,” I’d say go ahead and do it! It’ll be fun, and a learning experience.