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Drupal is intense! I really enjoyed working with it, but I had a team and I really felt I needed it…seemed like a lot to learn just on my own. The idea of nodes/blocks/views is amazing though and I can see the potential. Even is using Drupal now!

As far as the site, its nice…although try turning on CSS Compression (under performance) so IE doesn’t choke on the massive number of stylesheets.

I just completed this site in drupal:

We wanted to integrate Ubercart eventually but its on hold for quite some time.

Anyway, as far as your site goes, the one thing that really peeves me of the automatic start of the audio…for surfers like me who love their music loud, it makes me want to click away really quickly when a site does that. Otherwise, the site is very professional and I love the huge banner pictures with the opaque red background. The one other thing I would do is see if the navigation could stand out a bit more, for some reason the top links just don’t seem like links…perhaps even center it?

Oh and the text does the same for me. I changed the #mission { bottom:20px } to bottom:6px and that fixed it.