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"Luminated" wrote:
Drupal is intense! I really enjoyed working with it, but I had a team and I really felt I needed it…seemed like a lot to learn just on my own. The idea of nodes/blocks/views is amazing though and I can see the potential.

Yea, it is definitely intense. Great for huge sites, way to much for small sites IMO. I may come across another site that needs it… we’ll see.

"Luminated" wrote:
As far as the site, its nice…although try turning on CSS Compression (under performance) so IE doesn’t choke on the massive number of stylesheets.

oooooh, that could definitely be the problem in IE. I was afraid of doing that because it totally broke another dev website I was working on in Drupal… *crosses fingers* *flips switch* *success* Good point. It works in IE again. Yeay.

"Luminated" wrote:
I just completed this site in drupal:

Cool. I like the design. The logo is hiding behind the nav in my FF 3.5, though.

"Luminated" wrote:
Anyway, as far as your site goes, the one thing that really peeves me of the automatic start of the audio…

Yea… I have two clients now with that. (At least it’s only on the home page…)

"Luminated" wrote:
The one other thing I would do is see if the navigation could stand out a bit more, for some reason the top links just don’t seem like links…perhaps even center it?

Yea. That was intentional to try to send most people to the four main sections (which are those four icons all over the place).

"Luminated" wrote:
Oh and the text does the same for me. I changed the #mission { bottom:20px } to bottom:6px and that fixed it.

Thnx. I wanted to keep the 20px spacing everywhere so I brought the font-size down 1px. Looks better over here. How’s it look now?

Thanks for the tips and ideas, guys.