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Thanks xheathen,

Strange… The text looks fine over here in 3.5. Are you on a mac per chance? I haven’t check that.

I’m glad IE is working for you. I’ve got some bug over here where IE is not loading the CSS at all. Makes it difficult to test…

Yea, about Drupal: Client had a very crappy coldfusion site (which was only static HTML) and a Godaddy shopping cart; both ugly. He didn’t care about what program was used.

I have done a lot of work with WordPress, and just a touch of work with Joomla. I wanted to learn enough about the largest OS website projects to be able to use the best programs for the different website proposals I get. I heard the "If you have a hammer, everything’s a nail" quote, which really struck home for me since I had fallen in love with WordPress. I didn’t want to be a "Oh yea, I could make that in WordPress" Developer. :geek: I wanted to be a "I’ve tried everything, and WordPress is the best for that" Developer. :ugeek: Only 50% serious on that one. Drupal is a huge program that does a lot automagically. I’m very impressed with Ubercart so far though- well worth making the site in Drupal.