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Not to hijack the thread, but it’s the same topic so..

I’m puuting my site through the validator as well and the only errors are the ‘-moz’ and ‘-webkit’ ones, which are fine. What bugs me though are the 40 accompanying warnings. One says ‘Redefinition of height’, another says’ You are encouraged to offer a generic family as a last alternative’, and then 38(!) say:

You have no background-color set (or background-color is set to transparent) but you have set a color. Make sure that cascading of colors keeps the text reasonably legible.

That’s for p, li, h, span, etc. tags – for which I can’t/shouldn’t have to set a background value. What gives? can these warnings be eliminated properly? have I left something out of my stylesheet? (It’s not live atm, so I can’t provide a link unfortunately…)