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Kitty Giraudel

> I don’t wish to use prefixes for each browser engine I wish to have 1 line(d) code (universal) that covers mozila,webkit,presto I understand that prefixes are used to have compatibility with older versions but by now they all should work under 1 code, or am I wrong ?

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You can’t please all rendering engines with a single line when it comes to non-standard properties.

Prefixes are not here to guarantee compatibility with older versions. They are here to inform the developer he’s using an implementation from a rendering engine which may or may not behave properly.

Once a property becomes a standard, vendors progressively remove the prefixes, leaving an unprefixed property (e.g. border-radius). Then developers keep using prefixes to make sure old versions still understand the property until they are not used anymore (e.g. Firefox 3.6).