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To clarify where I want to use it, take a look at this site: This site is in development and there still many little things to do. Have look and please do give advice and/or tips…

The last image on the page is ‘The One’.
Now it is just one big image. I have to make the individual (square) pieces click-able and therefore have to break the big image in smaller pieces. The ‘+’ and the ‘=’ could then be just plain text with a color and vertical centered. I need to keep the site responsive.

Perhaps one of you have another solution or idea how to approach this? For now i’m leaning towards jQuery, but just plain CSS would be better i think. I tried the ‘table’ option, but this breaks in IE8. (there are very much problems with tables in IE8, especially where TD width is concerned).
I haven’t tried display:table yet.

Thanks very much for your time.